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Metropolis Review

Film Review: "Fritz Lang" Metropolis (1927)

Figure 1. Film Poster: "Fritz Lang" Metropolis (1927).

The film Metropolis (1927) is a German film directed by Fritz Lang and can be seen as one of the most influential films within the Science fiction genre throughout film history, From this film Fritz Lang took an important step into laying the foundations of today's' Visual effects (VFX).Set in the future, Metropolis was founded by Joh Fredersan who also runs the city, One of the wealthy residents the son of Joh, Freder Fredersan (Gustav Frohlich) the protagonist, Freder witnesses a beautiful woman known as Maria (Brigitte Helm) followed by many children in a place known as Club of the Sons. Before Freder can do anything she quickly disappeared with the children from where she came. Smitten by her beauty, Freder tried to follow her but instead found himself venturing into the depths of Metropolis where the workforce keeps the Utopian society above working, seeing people enslaved to run the machines of the city often until they collapse. After seeing the cruelty of the depths of Metropolis, Freder strives to change and create a better relationship between the working and wealthy class which pushes the city to its limits.

Figure 2. Maria experiment.

In figure 4, you can see one of the famous highlighted scenes of Metropolis. It is where Maria's appearance is being transferred to the robot created by Rotwang the mad scientist. it uses good visual effects to do this and on further investigation the star behind the robot infers that Lang may be trying the express something dark and sinister in this particular scene. 

A way to describe Metropolis is that it its design futuristic for its time and the city is a feat of imagination and architecture.
Figure 3. Scenic view of Metropolis still.

Figure 4. Still from the Fith Element (1997)

One of the many features of Metropolis is the creative Sci-fi vision of its time. It is probable that Lang was trying to show us his own idea of futuristic city. in doing this his vision has influenced many films of today, such as "The fifth Element'(1997) Where we see a futuristic cityscape with concrete skyscrapers much like those of Metropolis. Anthony Quinn seems to be right when he states"But it's the stupendous design of the film that remains its true glory"(Quinn, 2014) because Lang manged to use this design to create a film that feels massive and real and then so good as to influence many more films in the future.
Figure 5. The Hands,The Heart and The Head still.

In figure 5, it is shown that Freder has finally made a connection between the two different society's by shaking hands with both classes at the same time. It is apparent that this is a powerful moment within the film. in doing this the film can convey an important message, that people can always work together without discrimination to achieve something greater.

Metropolis layed the foundations of modern films of today and showed that with every dream and strive for greatness there will be an opposite effect somewhere that has potential to rebel. Lang also manages to show political and social problems in a way that gives light to a happy or better outcome.

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Film Poster.

Maria experiment

Scenic view of Metropolis still.

Fith Element.

The Hands,The Heart and The Head still.


Quinn, A. (2014)

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