Wednesday, 19 November 2014

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  1. OGR 20/11/2014

    Hi Jamie,

    I think your concept art is effective; it conveys a sort of calm mysticism in keeping with the 'Zen' like qualities of your mountain community. I do think you need to address what is too childlike about your vision currently; I'd like to see you giving more thought to the way in which your structures actually combine with the mountainside (they appear rather 'stuck on' at the moment and about to fall over), and I think you need to consider variance of scale and height to describe this as a city - as opposed to a settlement. I suggest you consider clustering your assets together to create 'sections' as opposed to stand-alone structures. There is currently no sense either that there are buildings on the other side of the mountain, so it would be good to see you thinking about how the buildings might 'encircle' the mountain and be sited into the folds and hollows of the rock formation. You've established a mood successfully, but I want to see you thinking more 'realistically' about how this community and its structures might actually have embedded themselves here.

    Re. your production art and orthographs... sorry, Jamie, but they're not fit for purpose. They're thumbnail quality and that's inappropriate in terms of their function in the pipeline. You have to imagine that your production art and technical drawings are being handed over to someone else from which to model the assets - and your drawings wouldn't accomplish that.

    You've made some good progress here Jamie - it's encouraging - but there are issues of quality, sophistication and professionalism that I'd like to see you address in advance of the week 12 submission. Take a look at some of the examples of your classmates and use them as role models and running mates. You're part of a talented class and I'd like to see you raise both your output and your expectations.