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Film Review: Repulsion (1965)

Figure 1: Movie Poster

Repulsion is a chilling horror film. The story follows a young women called "Carol" (Christine Deneuve) who lives with her sister in a small apartment in London. Carol is extremely shy but she is very beautiful and attracts a lot of attention from men when the attention is very much unwanted. Her anxieties and mental stability begin to break down when her sister and her new boyfriend decide to go on a vacation and Carol is left alone.

Figure 2: Still shot showing Carol

Throughout the director has allot of close intimate shots of carol and first person views which makes you feel as though you are in the mind of Carol. the more carol looses her mind throughout the film the more cracks start to appear on the walls. one could say the most disturbing part of the film is when she has dreams of her self being raped. 
"Rather than making a mad person scary, this film terrifies by giving an audience a sense of what it's like to lose sanity" (K, Newman Empire).This infers that as the viewer you feel concerned and oddly care for carol throughout the film.

Figure3: Carol looking at a crack emerge from bellow her.

the time in which this film is set is the 60's Carol defies the sterotype of that time by having a phobia of men and thus an opposite way of living at that time. During the film there is one man only makes the fear worse for Carol.Jennie Kermode says "Her unbalanced state seems to reflect an unbalanced world whose expectations of her are themselves far from realistic" (J Kermode, Eye for film, 2010).  This evidence suggests that people do not understand her, and do not understand the reasons for her anxiety, for example it is inferred through the film that she could have been abused in the past.

Figure 4: Carol imagining male hands coming through the hallway trying to touch her
All these leering, groping males make her flesh crawl, causing her to twitch and wipe at her face and body as if to rid herself of some dread disease transmitted by men” (Viola M., 2008). Viola suggests here that Carol detests men like a disease, it is this tremendous narrative that makes the movie so unique and popular, the freakish and uneasy emotions created by the production design trully make this movie.

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