Monday, 19 January 2015

story revised

okay so with the help of Vlad's comment and Max and Frame i have a new idea in which the lumberjack cuts down a tree and finds a glowing egg which he cares for in his greenhouse, a wolf provides tension and the lumberjack protects the egg from it, to end you see the lumberjack with the animal from the hatched egg, a deeper meaning to the story is then that the lumberjack represents a man whose wife died at childbirth and his fight with the wolf signifies his fight to keep the baby and move on, while the hatched egg at the end shows he has moved on and happy,

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Story idea

So my selections were a Lumberjack, egg and greenhouse. i'm swinging at the moment more to a take on the classic tale of 'little red riding hood' but with a focus on the lumberjack. it will start with the lumberjack chopping wood or something along those lines, red riding hood will come by but egg the lumberjack. later on a scream is heard by the lumberjack who then proceeds to get rid of the wolf that attacked red riding hood, finishing with him then throwing an egg at her. i have yet to decide how to include a greenhouse but just wondering if this is okay or if i should think of something else?