Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Story idea

So my selections were a Lumberjack, egg and greenhouse. i'm swinging at the moment more to a take on the classic tale of 'little red riding hood' but with a focus on the lumberjack. it will start with the lumberjack chopping wood or something along those lines, red riding hood will come by but egg the lumberjack. later on a scream is heard by the lumberjack who then proceeds to get rid of the wolf that attacked red riding hood, finishing with him then throwing an egg at her. i have yet to decide how to include a greenhouse but just wondering if this is okay or if i should think of something else?

1 comment:

  1. How about a lumberjack that chops a tree and an egg falls off? Maybe a really beautiful egg, golden or glowing? The lumberjack rushes to his greenhouse and takes care of it? It can be a story about making a mistake and how to take responsibility for it?
    And maybe the lumberjack is actually a woman that never had kids before and she obsesses about protecting the egg because she never had children?
    That's what I'll go for anyway :)