Friday, 27 February 2015

Initial Idea Update

Initial Idea Update 
So after talking with some people and the feedback from my last post I have decided to choose the Influenza virus life cycle as my chosen animation. 
I have thought about my chosen target audience which is secondary school age and higher. I believe at this sort of age the animation will have to be informative, I think making an animation which looks modern and a bit futuristic looking will be able to be interesting for them, as I don’t believe creating a story would appeal to the older audience. 
As I have researched into Influenza I wish to create an animation on it to be informative and useful, this is because I want to emphasize how dangerous this virus is. 
Here is some images I found during my research that I believe shows my design idea. 
This image of influenza displays what I hope to create as my visual style, an interesting modern looking representation of the virus. Which will continue throughout its life cycle. 
I have used this image to show how I would like to make a transition to a wire-frame at key moments in the animation, when things get broken down and explained. 


  1. Hey Jamie, for some reason your images referenced here aren't showing up; I'm just getting little question marks... ? Can you see them okay? Are you able to re-post for my reference? Cheers :)

    Also, see link:

  2. Hey Phil, they were there before, i will try reposting them.