Thursday, 5 March 2015



  1. OGR 07/03/2015

    Hey Jamie,

    Impressed by the focus of your research - you seem to have a very clear idea of your audience. Your thumbnails suggest a sort of 'exploded diagram' approach - i.e. treating your influenza virus as component that sort of unscrews or 'unpacks' itself. I like this idea, and I can really see how great sound-design could enrich this idea - so we 'hear' the virus 'unscrewing' - we have a sense of it dismantling.

    I came across these examples of 'exploding diagrams' - might be useful:

    In terms of style and art direction, I think you can be bold and step away from biological/organic visuals, and just embrace a clean, graphical and diagrammatical approach; so, you needn't spend time modelling/texturing all the soft corrugations of an artery, you can make the interiors into clean, symmetrical places - more 'Torn' than 'Fantastic Voyage' - take a look at these examples of highly abstracted 'white space' animations for an example of how 'uncluttered' and stylised you could make this world of yours:

    1. Okay cheers Phil, the links have given me allot more ideas I can work on. And I like the idea of a more 'Tron' styled world, I think that would be quite interesting.