Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Final previz

Here is my final previz, it has some timing issues. The final animation is currently rendering and will be done hopefully in a few days.

Final Previz from jamie wathen on Vimeo.


  1. Hey Jamie,

    I'm publishing a Post With The Most on Sunday night - I'm hoping to include as many year ones as possible; things have been quiet on here - would be great to get a sense of your project building up a head of steam as we near the finish line, and it would be good to see some brand spanking new renders on here - see what you can do, as I'd like to be able to push some traffic in your direction :)

    1. Hi Phil sorry for the late reply but my mental ray for maya broke about a day ago and i cant seem to fix it, i will continue to render on the uni computers and will upload some stills aswell.

  2. "Roll up! Roll up! It's the Tombola Of Dreams!"