Monday, 22 June 2015

@PHIL Expanded thumbnail

Sorry for the upload time, Photoshop decided it would crash every few minutes yesterday. Is this what you meant by expanding the thumbnail beyond the edges?

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  1. Yes indeed. Now you've got this composition, how about layering it up a little further? For example, right now you've got a less interesting section of your world (right hand side/right bottom corner) - how about introducing a new foreground element - a more interesting, purposeful building or structure and dropping it into this composition to 'interrupt' the view a little more and give a more dynamics sense of this view. Then - once you're happy with this collaged thumbnail, you can create another extended drawing from this thumbnail. It'd like growing a more complex drawing/design without having to have it all in your head when you sit down to draw; it's like growing a design rather like a coral reef might develop :)