Thursday, 18 June 2015

@PHIL Initial Thumbnails

Here is my first page of thumbnails, the aim of this page wasn't to create finalized images but to generate ideas interpreted from my opinion of the artists work. In Wyndham Lewis's work there is allot of tall lines and forms, this led me to thinking of skyscrapers or tall buildings shown in the images above. While thinking of a 3d world for this city I imagined a night time setting would be interesting with these shapes, from this I decided including buildings like a club will allow me to add special lighting like neon lights to add to the weird factor.

From this page I have three images that I believe I could take on and develop. Image 1 is a street view, possibly of homes extracted from the tall lines of the artists work. Image 4 is a balcony looking on to the clustered skyscrapers, the artists work is often cluttered with many lines, this lead me to think a busy clustered city using the tall buildings would be relevant. Lastly image 10 and 16 show a street with a club, at the right angle i think i could show enough of the surrounding area to see the artist inspired theme as well as the unique lighting opportunities.

1 comment:

  1. Really like what's getting started in thumbnail 1 - what with those buttress-shapes and strong architectural forms: an idea; as this first thumbnail is quite cropped in, why not take this back into Photoshop and create an 'extended' view from it - i.e. continue the lines beyond the frame, extend the perspectives and give yourself a better sense of the complete structures at which we're looking; using a thumbnail as a 'perspective seed' can encourage you to get a bit more ambitious and bold in terms of your visualisation.