Sunday, 27 September 2015

Character project ideas and influence map

For my character project I am thinking of creating an FPS style video game (first person shooter). I believe this to be a good idea because in my opinion in goes hand in hand with the themes I got at the briefing: Military, energy, time. 

I have created this influence map as a base for my game ideas. Firstly in the top left is Terminator, I chose this as I believe in encapsulates all three of my themes and I can draw inspiration from them. It also inspires the possibility of an A.I. as a possible antagonist. In the next image below Terminator is a screen grab from the game Fallout 3, my reasoning behind this image is for the setting of the game, in fallout the game is set after a nuclear war, with a hostile and barren landscape. From this I believe id like my game to be set in a world in a hostile enviroment, run down with hints of eeriness. The next image below that is showing Raiden from the game Metal Gear Solid, in this game Raiden is a cyborg or part robot, I chose this in relevance to my energy theme, what if in my game people to survive made modifications to themselves like cybernetics, however the machinery requires a special energy, maybe an energy from before the world was in chaos but now is running out. It also gives the game a potential plot, A war to gain control of the energy. In the top right hand corner is a screen shot of Prince Of Persia, i have chosen this image in relation to my theme Time. In the film the protagonist's dagger could reverse time using a special sand as a fuel. what if in my game the protagonist could manipulate time for short durations using the special energy? It would make the character more unique and potentially more important in the game world. Lastly in the bottom right hand image is a screen shot from Call of Duty, in this image the game-play itself is irrelevant, what is is the genre of game, it is a first person shooter in a militaristic world, and at the core that's what I think id like my game to be played as. If you can think of any ideas please let me know.

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