Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Final Game Idea

Story and opening scene
The opening for my game is; The main character wakes up in a dark room with no memory of who they are, the room is old dusty and torn up, upon moving outside the same theme carries on, it is a dark street which has houses with boarded up windows and dark red stains on various surfaces. from exploring the character will eventually find containers in which a blue energy resides. Upon opening these containers the energy is sucked into the character and released in a bright burst. After this event the character finds themselves in the same city but in a time where it is bustling, bright and happier on the surface.

The basic story of this game is the main character can travel between the past normal version of the city and the future post-apocalyptic version. It is the characters mission to find out who they are, what caused the future to be so dark, and to prevent it happening. To do this the character must travel between the two times to find clues and information.

Set in a Victorian influenced city, this past version of the game world shows a bright busy city filled with people, the city is ruled by the mayor, someone the people never see, on street level the mayors militaristic police run the city using extreme force for any offences. In opposition to this oppressive power is a small resistance who fight them. In this world a new power source(energy) is founded and is used across the city. this new power means that some things can be done that shouldn't be able to be done for a city of that time. One of these things is people replacing some limbs for energy powered mechanical ones. Another being advanced vehicles or buildings, although still limited by the times style and materials.

In the future version of the city things have gone terribly wrong. The city is left a shadow of what it was, buildings have been boarded up as though to keep things out, the sky is dark giving the city an ominous dark look. Upon inspection claw marks,blood stains and wrecked items fill the streets. Most people in this version of the city have changed, they are now mutated zombie type creatures living on energy. Upon further exploration of this world the character will find the mayor and his forces as well as the resistance.

The style of game this will be split between the two times, the past is a First Person Shooter Action/Adventure game the future a Survival/Adventure game. The Character will have a skill tree with many abilities that can be unlocked through the game, the main skill line being Time Manipulation using energy. the character initially has the ability to travel to the past or future versions of the city but can also learn to manipulate time on a smaller scale. The character will eventually be able to stop, slow down, reverse or speed up time, depending on how much energy the character has at the time. Upon expending all energy the character must find more to continue to use these abilities, in the case of running out of energy in the future the character is then stuck in a dark dangerous place until more is found.

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