Thursday, 28 January 2016

Exploratory sketches - Martin Johnson

One of the people I am adapting is Martin Johnson. These drawings emphasise his rugged strong beastly behaviour, also an attempt at hinting his physical features such as his brow, nose, ears and musculature have been made.

Monday, 25 January 2016

Adaptation B - Research And Idea's

After researching for suitable people whom I will adapt into vehicles I have made a decision. At first I researched gangsters from different points in time, I found this to be difficult to translate and found it hard to imagine anything other than cars. Looking for more diversity I looked into sports, From Team GB to football, I have finally settled on England Rugby. This is because I think the individuals I have chosen are so different yet connected by a common theme.
My choices are;
Jason Robinson - To be adapted into some kind of space ship or Jet
Johnny Wilkinson - To be adapted into a Super-car
Martin Johnson - To be adapted into an off road, 'Doom Buggy' Beast of a car

Friday, 22 January 2016

Adaptation B - Test

I have tested adapting personality into a vehicle, by using caricatures, photo's and personality I have created designs based off of Barak Obama, this is to test the idea before i proceed with it. Overall I believe the test a success. Being only sketches they are under developed, when designing the proper vehicles they will be more successful. Below is one of the test sketches, it had an emphasis on his smile, power, and sophistication with a angular american car feel.

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Adaptation A - Exploration

Below are some of my more successful sketches and an early character. I have decided to go for more of a graphical look based on feedback.

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Adaptation B - More Ideas

Based on feedback I have new ideas for my project. In terms of adaptation I will look at individuals that are related through some kind of theme.

The first theme is gangsters, for this i would focus on Al Capone, Carlo Gambino and the Kray twins. All of which I would adapt into vehicles, respectively adapting each time their from and giving a modern twist.

The second theme is sport in this case rugby, in this I would adapt personality and physical traits into vehicles. For this I would focus on Jonah Lomu, Johnny Wilkinson and Bryan Habana.

Saturday, 16 January 2016

Pipeline 2 - Shader FX - Displacement

 In this tutorial Shader FX was used as a displacement for these objects.

Adaptation B - Further Refinement

So after feed back on my last post I started researching into people from established groups/teams to adapt varying vehicles from. I have looked at groups like; Big Hero 6, Suicide Squad, X-Men, the A-Team, but I think I have settled for the avengers. This is because the characters in my opinion are more varied and the characteristics more apparent. More specifically I would like to focus on Iron Man, The Hulk and Black Widow. Also from looking at things like Wacky Races, Crash Team Racing, films and shows etc. I think I have a greater understanding of how I may adapt a more realistic vehicle for each character. In terms of vehicles I believe that Iron Man would have some form of car, the Hulk some form of tank and Black Widow a form of Motorbike.

Pipeline 2- Shader FX - Part 3

In this tutorial I have lit the scene using Shader FX.

Pipeline 2- Shader FX - Part 1

In this tutorial I created a shader fx for an asset. 

Friday, 15 January 2016

Adaptation B - Idea refinement

In my tutorial today we discussed my previous ideas for my project. All but one were deemed to generic, the one that worked better was the idea of car or vehicular type modelling. A mixture of hard and soft modelling it will be a great exercise to do.

In terms of adaptation my idea is to adapt a person's characteristics into a car. So an athlete would be more like a sports car and a business man more like a luxury saloon.

My Ideas for people and type of car are as follows:
  • Muhammed Ali - Would be more like a super car, his strength would translate into a high horsepower, his speed and agility and physique into a sporting aesthetic.
  • Winston Churchill - Would be more like a a luxury saloon, like a Bentley or Rolls Royce. His sophistication and personality would translate into strong lines and a high quality look.
  • Al Capone - Would be more of an old luxury car with a modern twist. His criminal attributes could translate as hidden compartments or concealed guns/gadgets much like an old Bond car.
  • Scarlett Johansson - Would be more like a sleek sports car. Her physique can translate in to a sleek and fast bodywork, with her acting ability or her power would translate into a sporty powerful car under the bodywork.
  • Usain Bolt - Would be more like a muscle car. His speed would translate into the straight line speed of a muscle car as well as his defined physique translating into bold muscular lines.

@Alan Personal work

I dug through my files and found some that I think are relevant. The Aston Martin was made a while ago, the Lamborghini is more recent but never finished. Both were made using an Audi tutorial I found online. and I thought the lightsaber was relevant as a hard edge model.

Thursday, 14 January 2016

Info Graphic - Refining The Idea

After the pitch for my previous ideas the consensus was to use the idea of the caveman life cycle. In which a cave man wakes up and is killed by something new every day. Alan stated that this was in danger of becoming an animated short instead of an info graphic. So I have been thinking of ways in which I could avoid this. One way could be that for every time the caveman dies a solution could be introduced, for example if the caveman was sat on and squished by a mammoth the caveman could invent a spear so the mammoth wouldn't sit on him or instead of freezing like an ice cube the caveman could make fire.
Alternatively the info graphic could depict two cavemen, one showing what not to do the other a solution of what to do and thus the life cycle can repeat. 

Maya Tutorial - Particles - Cloud


In this tutorial we used particle effects to create a cloud, then animate a collide effect with the cloud and a balloon.

Pipeline 2 - Low Res

In this tutorial I have started to create a low res scene for a game.

Saturday, 9 January 2016

Adaptation project ideas

For our adaptation product we must adapt a piece of text and turn it into something. For example an extract from a book, say the 'the hobbit' and adapt it into an animation.
At the moment I have four main ideas of what I may want to do.

  • Firstly in the book 'Belgariad' there is a character called Barak. He can transform into a bear. My plan is to animate the transformation process.
  • Secondly in the book 'The way of kings' there is a special armor called shardplate. I plan to create this as a character for a video game.
  • Thirdly in the book the 'Hunger Games' there are creatures called Mutts. I plan to make these creatures for film.
  • Another idea is in the book 'Eragon' there is a minotaur-like race called Urgals. I plan to create an Urgal for film.
  • Lastly my final idea is to animate a 'walk-through' of a car. For instance through a firing engine to the interior to the exterior and then the car racing off. I am still looking for a book or source to relate to this idea but I am sure a suitable source can be found.

Friday, 8 January 2016

Maya Submission

Lip Sync

Character Poses
Pipeline 1:

Complete skinning

UV Part 1 and 2

Tutorials 14-20

Info Graphic Ideas

Today we were briefed on our adaptation projects. One of these was an info graphic. The Sentence I selected was "The life cycle of". My 10 favourite ideas are as follows.

  1. The life cycle of a University student
  2. The life cycle of a Gamer
  3. The life cycle of the Sun
  4. The life cycle of a Bee
  5. The life cycle of PlayStation
  6. The life cycle of a Can
  7. The life cycle of a Caveman
  8. The life cycle of a Family Car
  9. The life cycle of a Mobile Phone
  10. The life cycle of a Couch Potatoe

Maya Tutorials 1-13

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

@Alan Maya Broken

All files opened get a 'fatal error' message, even on other pc's, do you know what's going on? thank you.