Friday, 22 January 2016

Adaptation B - Test

I have tested adapting personality into a vehicle, by using caricatures, photo's and personality I have created designs based off of Barak Obama, this is to test the idea before i proceed with it. Overall I believe the test a success. Being only sketches they are under developed, when designing the proper vehicles they will be more successful. Below is one of the test sketches, it had an emphasis on his smile, power, and sophistication with a angular american car feel.

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  1. Hi Jamie

    Take a look at the exaggeration in the image below....Think teeth as the grill and look the size and proportion on the eyes in comparison (headlights). Look closely at the details too such as the shape of the lips (upper lip could be the line of the bonnet above the grill etc). Also his hair is quite distinct so you may be making a 'soft top'. The ears are quite a feature do the wing mirrors or doors may be a similar scale (proportion).

    Note: Reseach "How to draw caricatures" and look at the way in which artists exaggerate features.