Saturday, 9 January 2016

Adaptation project ideas

For our adaptation product we must adapt a piece of text and turn it into something. For example an extract from a book, say the 'the hobbit' and adapt it into an animation.
At the moment I have four main ideas of what I may want to do.

  • Firstly in the book 'Belgariad' there is a character called Barak. He can transform into a bear. My plan is to animate the transformation process.
  • Secondly in the book 'The way of kings' there is a special armor called shardplate. I plan to create this as a character for a video game.
  • Thirdly in the book the 'Hunger Games' there are creatures called Mutts. I plan to make these creatures for film.
  • Another idea is in the book 'Eragon' there is a minotaur-like race called Urgals. I plan to create an Urgal for film.
  • Lastly my final idea is to animate a 'walk-through' of a car. For instance through a firing engine to the interior to the exterior and then the car racing off. I am still looking for a book or source to relate to this idea but I am sure a suitable source can be found.

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