Friday, 5 February 2016

Adaptation A - Submission

Cave Final from jamie wathen on Vimeo.

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  1. I confess to being a little confused by your infographic Jamie. Please don’t misunderstand me, I can see what you were going for (and that your trying hard to achieve that) but overall it’s more a series of premade titles (tutorial - than an energetic, characterful, animation – In actuality there is no animation to speak of. When we get to your ‘lifecycle’ scenes (the animation bit) your characters are small, static, and hard to read. They also do very little to keep the audience engaged. This is a shame because overall you had the right idea, the comedy tone is good but it’s just very under developed (animation). To put this bluntly, we see a very long title sequence followed by a very static ‘non-animation’ sequence, then the sequence repeats. Whilst I realise that the use of a ‘cutaway’ was part of your comedy logic there were other ways to do this. For example, title slides to one side, characters slide on, action happens, objects slide off etc. Yes there is a cave wall (something fixed) involved but this an infographic world, anything can happen - The goal being more ‘dynamism’ and energy in your work.

    Unfortunately, the titles don’t quite tonally match your drawings either – They are very realistic and your drawings are ‘cartoony’. Whilst I realise these are meant to be cave paintings there needs to a greater drive towards making them either more ‘real’ (to match the titles) or the titles more cartoony (to match the characters). I’d also suggest that there could have been more in this infographic such as the ‘family and children’ to give the sense of another generation taking over (the cycle). This would have been a better use of your time instead of focusing on complex titles.