Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Updated project proposal

After showing Alan my previous idea for my project he instead suggested another idea, my previous idea was a cinematic game trailer designed to emphasise 3d modelling. He instead suggested a project that’s purpose is to produce 3d models, leaving the unnecessary stuff I had put in the idea out of the project and instead focusing just on creating production design.

·       The type of project
Production Design
·       Core concept/idea
To complete a portfolio of production design for around five alien races.
·       Research path
o   Research into similar production design for film and game
o   Research into environments and animals for alien design
o   Research into relevant current and future technologies
o   Research into environment design
·       Goals
To create a large and diverse collection of designs that showcase my 3d modelling abilities
·       Outcomes
To achieve multiple high quality models in and interesting and creative way
·       Timetable
To complete research, concept and design ready for production by January, if possible before to give more time for software work

Example of work: furniture, machines, clothes, homes, possible character

Alan suggested an approach to the core design influence for the alien races in which they are based on everyday objects, with their relative associations. While I have struggled to find interesting things to base my designs on I have listed some possibilities.

Listed is the: object< associations < a display room for presentation
·       Bank skyscraper – Tall, sleek, glass, hi tech, fancy, arrogant - Office
·       Gun – dangerous, Brash, aggressive, metal, hot, machinery, fear – Garage/armoury
·       Mobile phone – Connected, hi tech, unsociable, ease of access objects – Living room
·       Bill board – In your face, big, garish, loud, bright – Shop front
·       A football – Gets kicked around, round, famous, entertainment, (hurt for entertainment?) – Bedroom
·       Diamond(jewels) – Refined, luxurious, expensive, lavish – Throne room
·       Book – Old, dusty, sophisticated, vast, intelligent - Library
·       Watch – Meticulous, cogs, precise, sophisticated, time - Workshop
·       Flower – Pretty, hidden dangers, peaceful, nature – Shrine/place of worship
·       Urn – Sadness, mourning, gloomy, dark – Dining room  

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