Sunday, 9 October 2016

Further idea refinement

My designs will belong in a scifi game world. So to give context to these designs a basic premise of a game must be created. After speaking to Alan he mentioned skirmish type games, games where there is one big battle as a focus point. This is a perfect as way of bringing together my alien species.

I propose that by looking at the brands/objects I can then construct a purpose that would lead to battle between them. At the core, these inspirations are all businesses and as such there main goal is to make money. So it makes sense that in the game world they fight over some form of wealth. Now this wealth could be the same or different to each race but equally important and found at the same location.

One problem I thought of while trying to figure out a battle scenario was what was to stop each alien race from using weapons of mass destruction and what forces them to go to ground level on a planet etc. However upon further thought, what if the planet itself was the resource. This gives them incentive to stay while they mine and gather resources and also incentive to fight the others to gain more space to gather the resources, and with the environment being valuable it stops them from a certain degree from destroying everything. Also by having each race want a different resource found on the planet it gives each race some greater depth and diversity.

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