Monday, 10 October 2016

Unit type research

I have researched the types of units generally found in similar games to gain an idea of the models I will make in this project.

Infantry are generally the smallest unit type in a game. Some games offer variations of design and equipment and as a result, they start to perform more specialised roles.
For the purpose of this project, Infantry can be roughly grouped into four classes.

Melee Units fight hand to hand. They tend to be very strong and heavily armoured simply because they engage the enemy at close range.

(Melee example)

Ranged Units form the majority of infantry types. They have the advantage of opening fire at a distance. Generally, they will be equipped with standard weaponry and form the bulk of a force.

(Ranged unit example)

Defensive Units specialise in repelling regular infantry types, these units use higher armour and guns with a higher ammunition count to repel and supress the enemy.

(Defensive unit example)

Spies can disappear from view or remain hidden from the enemy in some way. Spies are designed to penetrate enemy lines. Another variation is the Sniper who is a stealthy unit that assassinates other infantry at long range while gaining tactical information.

(Spy unit example)

Vehicles are generally the dominant unit on the ground, and can provide vast amounts of armour, power and manoeuvrability. For the purpose of this project they can be grouped into these four unit's.

Tanks come in every size and shape. Variations on the tank include large gun carriers, armoured cars, half-tracks, and the armoured personnel carrier (APC), which can transport infantry units.

(Tank example)

Bikes and Buggies are light high-speed vehicles. Often in games, they are some kind of bike, trike, all terrain Jeep or other. They are generally lightly armed and often expendable.

(Bike example)

Mechs are heavily armed robots with high-tech weapons, heavily armoured and of great size, these vehicles provide superior power to infantry stalemates where less mobile vehicles cannot reach.

(Mech example)

Artillery is stationary unit that can shell opponents beyond visual range. Some games offer nuclear silos and rocketry which fulfil the same role.

(Artillery example)

Aircraft are units that fly through the air. They are usually the fastest units in the game with the widest field of view. Aircraft come in four major type. Fighters, Bombers, Scouts and Transports. Fighters target enemy aircraft, but have little effect against the ground, Bombers are slower and target the ground, Scouts high speed, lightly armed units that are designed to search and provide recon, and Transports take units in and out of hard to reach trouble spots.

(Transport and Bomber example)

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