Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Updated Project Proposal #2

After my tutorial Friday it was suggested I need to rethink the inspirations of the alien races. Instead of being so broad in terms of object or thing.

Firstly I have drawn some inspiration from the objects around my home, more specifically my gaming devices. In terms of consoles I think it may be a good idea to base races of the different branded consoles and PC's, mainly just the Microsoft Xbox, Sony Ps4, Nintendo NX/WiiU and the PC. I find this interesting as each has unique archetypes and all are at 'war' with each over which could have interesting design influence. They all also have unique designs for each machine.

Some things that can be drawn from these companies are:

Microsoft/Xbox - When you think about Microsoft and the Xbox you can make some assumptions on the type of thing it is, you can focus on how a lot of its applications and hardware can be used to watch or spy on the user (windows 10, Kinect) this could be translated into a race focused on spying or discovery. Also it can be said that Microsoft uses its influence and wealth to get its presence anywhere and everywhere, another trait to add on top of the other. In terms of the Xbox itself some say it is a bit vulgar but has a very loyal fan base.

Sony/ps4 - When thinking about Sony and the ps4 some things can be associated with it, for instance in terms of styling their products are very sleek and well designed. Also Sony is a Japanese company that brings with it cultural and design aspects as well. In terms of the ps4 itself it had a very successful launch and used good design and marketing to win over consumers.

Nintendo/WiiU - Nintendo and its products can now be seen as something from the past, trying and failing to work in the present. Many find its reluctance to use current social technology and targeting those who do makes them too secluded and alienates consumers. While of Japanese origin like Sony it could be that Nintendo’s design is a bit more traditional as to be more past orientated. The WiiU itself is not viewed as a traditional console, it is very different to its rivals and has been seen negatively by many consumers.

PC - The PC is viewed by many to be the true future of gaming, however many owners of the consoles may not agree. They can be seen as expensive and big. The PC can offer diversity in both its design and specification letting the consumer have a unique PC of their own. The PC itself is seen as a powerhouse by some, its customisability and power to run the best games better than its rivals can be seen as an advantage. An interesting term for PC’s is the ‘master race’.

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