Sunday, 30 October 2016

Xbox Infantry re-visit

I am re-visiting my designs for my Xbox alien race. The previous designs were lacking some aspects of the Microsoft/Xbox design criteria. In this new design i have made a more sleek and fractal design, also playing on the idea of the 'spying' I thought it may be ideal to have a sleek corporate outside while having hidden features underneath. Things such as a visor covering one large eye and hidden guns depending on unit type etc.

Other designs such as the vehicles will show other interesting shapes and forms, however for this unit I feel a more traditional humanoid form is the better option.

On a design note the surface is supposed to be a gloss black and gloss grey, like the elite Xbox controller. I found this effect hard to achieve.


  1. Nice :) looks a bit more corporate like a product

    1. Cheers max,that is what i was going for.