Thursday, 1 December 2016

PlayStation: Mech 01

For a vehicle design for the PlayStation race I have decided on a mech. This is because I believe its a bit more in keeping with the design aesthetic.


  1. Hi Jamie. You've got lots of designs on your blog for each type of console. Which one(s) are you intending to make? It would also be useful to see them all together on one sheet to see scale comparisons and design consistency. I'd argue that there is still some distance to go in some of the designs to make them more specific. Although I realise that you tend to figure that out whilst modelling. In either case a final 'all together' sheet and an indication 'what' next would help you start modelling. Don't forget you'll need to rig too so think about that when deciding.

    Also, if you can afford it I'd recommend looking at this tutorial... has a technique in it that I think would really help you flesh out your designs. If you can't get it come in on Tuesday and I'll show you.

    1. Okay Alan i will put together a sheet for the designs. And i will get the recommended tutorial.