Saturday, 14 January 2017

Minor Project: Reflective Statement

Reflective Statement

In this minor project, I have both struggled and excelled. Knowing that my overall outcome was to create 3D models I concentrated the minor project on the design work to let me achieve that. However, I think the way I got to the final designs could have been improved which would have given me more time to create the models now.

At the start of this project I knew that my drawing ability is lacking compared to my skill in the software side. By trying to make up for this in the early project it meant that I drifted away from the design aesthetic I initially wanted, which meant I had to go back and start again. A problem I also encountered was that the designs I was creating didn’t contain the level of detail that it would eventually get when it gets made in 3D, as such I had to take time to follow tutorials on concept making, however I think taking this time has been beneficial in creating more successful concept art.

In the last quarter of this Minor Project I managed to start on the first 3D model. Building on what I said above I created this model while at the same time creating its concept. I believe that the model is successful but if the concept work had been finished beforehand the whole process would have taken less time and allowed for greater time management overall. Also, I have had to take a great amount of time on laying the UV’s, though the process is not yet complete I think I should have planned more time allowance the process as because the model is very complex there is a lot of geometry to UV.

Overall I think that the project is going in the right direction with what I planned to be finished complete, however I feel that this project would have benefited from greater time management and pre-planning.

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