Monday, 20 March 2017

PC Character Update

I have started the last model for my project. This particular model has been difficult but is on its way now. I am still refining this base mesh before external parts will be added. Once this is done all models will be ready for sculpting.


  1. Hi Jamie.

    To be very honest (sorry / due to the little time you have) this model needs a lot of work to make it match the standards of your other designs - Its just not there yet. I also think that its taking away 'extremely' valuable time away from things which are far more important at this stage - Texturing and rigging your mechanical assets. This character is a whole new learning path around anatomy, muscles, rigging etc. For now, stop modelling this character and instead finish the others, they're going to do you much more justice in the time you have. If you do have time once they're done you can always come back to this one.


    1. Okay Alan that's fair enough. It gives me much needed time.