Friday, 3 March 2017

UV's Complete

All UV's are now finished.

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  1. Well done Jamie...Texturing time! This is going to seem like an odd reference but watch the film below. It's a short tutorial on how to paint a metal miniature using a basic '3-up' technique. 3-Up means 'dark, mid, and light' or '3 colours'. Before you think about adding any kind of detail (scratches / metal / text etc) we need to get your shaders to have a three tone shading (Ambient Occlusion / Base Colour / Specular) and then if you paint details (panels etc) they need to have the same methodology (3 colour / dark / mid / light). If you work in that way your model will become more three-dimensional. That may sound confusing but its actually simpler than it sounds. Anyway, watch the film below (and any other basic 3-up painting tutorials you can find) for now and see me next week.