Sunday, 24 September 2017

Personal Work - 01 Spaceship Technical Exercise

I Have neglected this blog for a while now, So for an update here's something I've been working on for the last 4-5 months in my free time. Since my time at uni I have worked considerably on expanding my skill at hard surface modelling, Using this Spaceship/Dropship I have tried to use a combination of new techniques and proper attention to geometry to create a decent model. As for the model itself, it is an amalgamation of various sci-fi ships from varying TV shows and films that i have re-created and made something new. Though this is an ongoing project and far from finished here's what its looking like now.

Total objects: 2524
Total Faces: 1,933,966


  1. This is really nice :) love to see more

  2. Nice work :) looks like it could go in star citizen

  3. Cheers, It will eventually be used in some Unity 3D testing but not yet. Still have a load more to do